Showreel 2015

June 1, 2015 // 3D, slideshow

This is my new showreel, yayyyy! I just majored in “Digital Film Design B.A.” at Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin. This reel shows some of the best aspects from my student short films, my bachelor thesis, and my internship at Chimney Berlin. Dominik Burbaum Showreel 2015 from Dominik Burbaum on Vimeo.

rigging reel

October 23, 2014 // 3D, slideshow

Main character Rigs form the shortfilm “relay”. View the Shortfilm here:  


October 23, 2014 // 3D, short film, slideshow

5th term shortfilm for my studies at MD.H Berlin.   Full Credits: Olivia Puchalla modelling “Piep” character design “Piep” animation Dominik Burbaum directing project management character TD animation lead character designs “VHS”, “Floppy”, “Tele” modelling, texturing, shading “Floppy” compositing editing Yannic Stoer modelling, texturing, shading “Tele” animation rigging environment Akin Goecmenli texturing, shading “Piep” compositing…

Showreel 2014

January 16, 2014 // 3D

This is my showreel for the second year at Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin. It features a selection of projects i worked on in the last year. Most work is done with Maya, Mudbox, Nuke and Mel. Additionally i used Photoshop, After Effects, Mari, Shake and Python. Dominik Burbaum Showreel 2014 from Dominik Burbaum on Vimeo.


January 11, 2014 // 3D, short film, slideshow

This shortfilm was the final project in the fourth semester of my “Digital Film Design” studies at MD.H Berlin. It was made in the late summer of 2013 by five of my classmates and me. I made the cop and bull characters, some animations and more (full credits at the end of the video). Below…

The Byrds

October 17, 2013 // 3D, short film

This was the 3rd term team project at MD.H Berlin. We never finished it so this is just a trailer. the Byrds (trailer) from Dominik Burbaum on Vimeo.

Born Again

October 16, 2013 // 3D, short film, slideshow

This 3D animation short was created during the 2nd semester of my Digital Film Design studies at Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin. It was a solo project and it took me about three month to make it.   BORN AGAIN from Dominik Burbaum on Vimeo.

Showreel 2013

February 1, 2013 // 2D, 3D

This is my first showreel. It features my work until early 2013. Some projects are from my time at SAE Cologne and some from my studies at MD.h Berlin. Dominik Burbaum showreel 2013 from Dominik Burbaum on Vimeo.